The skillful ease with which he conveys his ideas to the public and the relevance of the topics discussed in his works for the better understanding of the universe of teens and preteens have made Toni Brandão one of the most popular writers among children and teachers alike. His books, more than two million copies of which have already been sold, discuss in a clear, humorous and thought-provoking fashion topics of interest for preteen and young readers: love, friendship, ethics, civic duty, respect for ethnic and behavioral diversity, responsibility and social inclusion, violence, bullying… and other important subjects that are part of the modern day-to-day experience  and determine the actions of boys and girls anywhere in the world. Toni Brandão is one of the only multimedia authors in Brazil, and his projects have been literary, theater, television, movie, Internet and cd. In literature, which is the main focus of his work, Toni is able to incorporate into his projects high quality entertainment and reflection, drawing an increasingly large number of followers.